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Finding suppliers to import goods has become easier than before with our trade data platform. As a business, it is crucial to connect with businesses around the globe at anytime and from anywhere. Our platform is a powerful platform that enables access to company data including contact details, track competitors’ shipments and much more.

Get Supplier Information

Create a qualified list of potential suppliers around the globe and search instantly existing trading companies by location, trade information, business partners and dozens of other filterable options available right through our dashboard.

Monitor Competitors' Trade

Follow up import activities of your competitors, your trading partners and your prospects by accessing Import Export Data. Assess the market strategies of your competitors by understanding their market share and business performance.

Know And Understand Supplier Activity

If your supplier finds a new customer, that could affect your ability to get that supplier back and you have to look after new supplier. If your supplier has spare capacity, you can negotiate harder on price. Avoid getting into complex situations by accessing crucial data and keeping updated on supplier’s every business activity.


Precise data is crucial for the exporter community as it covers all the significant information about traded goods across International Markets. Exporter data we provide helps you find buyers around the globe, gain insights of your competitors and get a complete picture of Import-Export commodities.

Identify and Connect to Potential Buyers

Create a qualified list of potential buyers by accessing company data online, connect and engage with the right businesses. See and analyze global demand of goods which you export from product-specific data.

Increase Your Customer Numbers

Grow your customer base locally and abroad by accessing contact information of retailers, wholesalers and e-commerce businesses online. Hit your target numbers from company data and analytics.

Expand Business Network of Your Sales Team

A sales team’s output is largely determined by the size of their network. We provide data that can help you exponentially increase the network to grab new business opportunities.

Track Your Competitors' Exports

Gain visibility into export activities of your competitors and their trading partners to stand out from the crowd. Gain insights of competition level from the complete coverage of companies’ export activities that you can access from our dashboard.

Proactively Monitor Buyer Activity

Access Export Data online and understand every trade activity of overseas buyers and their business partners to keep a tab on purchasing trends and product interests.


From essential data, we help logistics companies to grow revenue by understanding and expanding your market share in Global Trade. Through our Platform you can increase your Trade Partners.

Determine Market Share

Access company data online to quickly identify and compare business of major players in your space. Use our AI-based tools to know and analyze your market share by shipment volume, consignment weight, LCL (Less-Than-Container Load) and other technical grounds.

Follow New Prospects

Get full information on import and export companies that fit your target market. Find new business prospects by gaining access to key business information and statistics including company revenues, contact details, shipping volume and current trading partners.

Build Business Relationships

Explore new opportunities and build business relationships by analyzing Trade Insights on business of your customers and competitors. Trade Data and intelligence help you adopt resourceful strategies to meet the changing needs of your customers.


Gain a precise understanding of companies, trade activities, industry trends, and many other Trade insights to achieve your business goals. Access Global Import Export Data and statistics to explore new opportunities.

red tick  Market Intelligence
Get market intelligence related to international trade to understand trends and markets, identify new opportunities, conduct good evaluation and locate better business deals.
red tick  Access In-Depth Data
See and analyze all actions of businesses with a wider perspective and prepare efficient analysis reports with Import Export Statistics.
red tick  Study Your Market
Understand your niche market and find prospects from comprehensive bilateral trade statistics by conducting robust market analysis.
red tick  Trade Data
Find differentiable trade insights from wide-ranging data and enhance business operations.
red tick  Global Trade
Access global trade statistics online to gain a competitive edge.
red tick  Create Ideas and Opportunities
Access customs data and trade activities of companies, and connect with potential prospects.
red tick  Market Monitoring
Keep a close watch on market dynamics and foresee likely problems to reduce potential trade risks to your business operations and concerned commodities.
red tick  Supply Chain and Market Analysis
Evaluate supply chains by assessing authoritative shipment data and get a detailed picture of your niche product line. Gain knowledge of market for overcoming trade risk by studying trade map, trade pattern of commodities, and supply chains of companies.
red tick  Exposure of Businesses
Create a qualified list of companies by screening our Import Export Trade Data, on qualitative & quantitative factors including company location, trade quality and type of commodities. Connect with different businesses and conduct different business operations accordingly.
red tick  Industry Research
Access in-depth insights for research and industry reports to analyze information of trade market. Improve your competitive analysis to optimize your business performance with global trade data.
red tick  Study Competition
Study the level of competition by setting standards, gaining industry insights and monitoring market trends from Import and Export Data. Compare different commodity prices and the current trade trend of International Market.
red tick  Identify Prospects
From Import Export Statistics, analyze trade performance of companies and identify prospects. With authentic trade data, understand which potential industries are good for growing your business.

Financial Institutions

Analyze supply chain, evaluate credit risk and be updated with market trends from distinguished Import Export Data and insights to see sustainable growth in your bank and equity businesses.
Fixed Revenue and Quantitative

Fixed Revenue and Quantitative

Fixed Revenue and Quantitative Analysts

With our diversified online intelligence platform, generate investment plans by compounding comprehensive datasets with right trade insights.

KYC Specialist

KYC Specialist

With the combination of trade data and supply chain data, we help financial groups to enhance their business by gaining greater visibility on high-risk counterparties.

risk analysis-purple

Risk Analysts and Managers

Risk Analysts and Managers

We provide industry-leading Trade Insights to evaluate credit risk, trade fluctuations and company information.

Data Scientists

Data Scientists

Uncover potential business opportunities from high-end Bilateral Trade Data and Market intelligence solutions.

law firms

Law Firms

law firms

Collect information and expand your toolkit for critical work stream like business progress, transfer pricing, M&A dealings and conflict steadfastness. Our Trade Intelligence Platform helps law firms to best serve and retain clients, lay the groundwork for new cases or hinge into new markets.

Business Development Officers And Marketing Managers
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Access essential data for sustainable growth as Trade data is crucial to monitor market trends, stay ahead in competition and get update on key developments.
Conflicts And Dispute Resolution
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As Global Trade is becoming more complex day-by-day; conflicts have become common. For resolving conflicts and disputes, Trade data is important to make thoughtful recommendations to leadership. And for that, you need comprehensive Trade data.
M&A Lawyers
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A smooth transaction is the result from Accurate Trade. M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) lawyers use Trade Insights to assess credit and analyze transactions.



Access global import export data along with in-depth research to unlock profitable and growth opportunities in the insurance sector. Determine risk factors and business opportunities from international trade data. With in-depth research and meaningful insights, maintain a profitable book of business and achieve your milestones.

Risk Managers
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Market Inside import export data and intelligence provides end-to-end solutions for risk managers to professionally evaluate the complete spectrum of credit risk exposure in a volatile environment. Our global trade statistics enables you to improve your data collection process and save valuable time.
Investment Managers
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Our trade data helps investment managers to analyze the trade markets in terms of finance, and make better investment decisions. Easily identify trends in your niche markets to drive your business and target in the trade activities going on around the globe.
Product Managers
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Keep a track on what your competitors are offering by accessing shipment data on product filings and rate filings, and build innovative products for your customers that help you stay ahead in the market. Through our trade insights, get industry-precise metrics of trade and financial information of your competitors.
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Gain access to an up-to-date global trade data with information on product filings, and monitor the insurance market and conduct a good research. Get valuable exim data to analyse financial securities for insurance companies in relation to all the trade variables.
Decision Makers
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Analyze your concerned sector-specific data including rate of interest, market share of companies in trade and revenue-based global import export statistics to make better decisions. Get trade analytical reports and analytical data with business information to study competitor activity.
Consulting and Research

Consulting and Research

Consulting and Research

Visualize supply chains, study trade market of specific commodities and calculate market share of global companies by producing workable intelligence from Global Import Export Data. Prepare and deliver industry-rated research reports on traded goods and businesses.

Data Consultants
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Combining research material with business expertise, consultants use our Import Export Trade Data to create actionable decisions. Achieve technical capabilities about your niche Market for a consistent business growth.
Market Analysts
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Access Trade Data with advanced tools to gain wider perspective and have better market understanding. Map the market for specific products and industries from latest Global Trade Data to refine your results differentially with our online platform.
Supply Chain Researchers
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Identify, assess and mitigate the risk in your end-to-end supply chain from complete Trade Data and research-based market analytics. Through our foreign Trade Data and Market Analytics, discover new tools and techniques to undertake research task.
Company Analysts
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Calculate market share of companies dealing in International Trade at worldwide locations from our bill of lading data and expand your research to even company-specific as well. Exclusive data helps consultants to analyze and draw insights about companies.

Sales and Marketing

Improve quality of your sales leads generation, increase sale values by boosting your marketing campaigns through analyzing Bilateral Trade Data on pricing strategies for different commodities, customer behavior towards supply chains, latest market trends in international trade, ongoing demand-supply chain and so on. Get access to our Trade Data and understand your niche market of international trade.

Find Sales Prospects
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Use our intuitive Import Export Data Online to identify prospects based on commodities imported, track your present prospects to ensure your business endeavors achievement is consistent. Access Trade Data for finding and engaging with new prospects for your business.
Improve Performance
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With authentic Foreign Trade Data and analysis reports, hit your numbers by building a team of talented sales professionals. Boost your business strategies from comprehensive Global Trade Statistics and insights.
Track Targets
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Access Trade Data Online to track trends in your targeted commodity, market, region, or company, and incorporate information into all aspects of the marketing organization. With crucial global import export data, build workable marketing strategies for future growth.
Pricing Strategies
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With our provided Exim Data, develop pricing plans at the customer-product level and optimize pricing to improve profitability according to latest trade market trends. From Historical Trade Data, compare current pricing scenario with past price of traded goods to improve profitability and business performance.

Asset Management Companies

Data Management

Our Trade Insights help you conduct a sophisticated research, preparing customized reports and collecting essential information needed for a streamlined workflow.

Data Analysis

Our in-depth Bilateral Trade Data and analytics enables you to uncover new investment insights. With research-specific targeted products, researchers, quantitative analysts and portfolio, managers create unique strategies and gain insights into new sources of potential business.

Connection Buildup

Get direct communication with detailed company profiles and robust intelligence from our Exim Database including corporate relationships, company database, key developments and so on. We provide Global Trade Data and key solutions such as exclusive information of potential prospects to identify important company’s contacts for utilise efforts and instantly combine with your proprietary datasets for refined analytics. Create meaningful business connections with relationship data and insights.


Access industry-specific insights and information to target right kind of companies and investment opportunities for fueling your investment strategies. Leverage the potential of Import Export Statistics and workable insights.


Build efficient strategies to uncover unique sources of risk, and also return by gaining clear understanding of your trade investment results. Evaluate trade risk, research and complete your portfolio construction process by accessing Global Trade Statistics. Gain essential insights and study your company performance with detailed analytics to come up with strategies growing your business.

Data Accuracy

Get authoritative Import Export Data with accuracy for information on trade market.

Market Trends

Keep your knowledge about international market trends up to date by our Trade Data over a set time period.
academic institution

Academic Institutions

Develop market analysis reports for your business and goal-oriented objectives, track market trends, and study commodities demand and supply by accessing comprehensive Trade Data and insights into the companies of international trade market. Access the Trade Data to get more information on companies.


With Global Trade Data, redefine how you represent yourself through your data with your target masses.

Precisely Standardized

Standardized data with precise information helps you design a thorough research and build rapport with others as an authoritative academic or educational institution.
government agencies

Government Agencies

Keep a track on trade activities and look out for unlawful activities, promote local business at international level and increase revenue from tariffs imposed on goods from Global Trade Data. With highly authoritative market intelligence curated from Import and Export Data, get a 360-degree view of International Trade and Development.

Track Trade Activities

Market Inside’s tech-advanced AI-based network intelligence and Trade Data help Government Agencies to identify illicit trade activities across Shipment Records before any consignment reaches at the border.

Promote Trade Efficiently

Promote Trade

With instant access to Trade Insights of millions of global companies, determine where to promote businesses for maximum return and efficiency. We provide Import Export Trade Data that is essential at any level of international commerce. Know the industries that matter to you and your trading partners.

Boost Tariff Revenues

We provide Global Trade Statistics that helps government agencies to gain useful insights of systematic tariff evasion at the company, port or shipment level and recover lost revenue.

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12. Definitions:
Affiliate” means any corporation that: (a) is controlled, either directly or indirectly, by a party; (b) is under common voting control, either directly or indirectly, with the party; or (c) that controls the party; as the case may be, where “control” means the ability to vote greater than fifty percent (50%) of the outstanding voting securities in such corporation.

“Confidential Information” means information (including any copies, extracts, summaries or adaptations of such information), regardless of the form of its disclosure, that is either: (a) clearly marked as “Confidential” or “Proprietary” at the time of disclosure or identified as such in a written summary delivered within ten (10) days following the disclosure; or (b) that by its nature or by the circumstances in which it is disclosed, ought reasonably be considered to be confidential. The parties agree that: (i) all information relating to business processes, information technology systems and requirements, products (including product features and any information that is embedded in or related to a party’s product, technology or services or to the development, testing and commercial exploitation thereof), the Services, sales and marketing plans, customers, prospective customers, target markets, pricing and financial data shall be deemed to be Confidential Information of the Discloser; and (ii) the terms of the Agreement shall be deemed to be Confidential Information of Trade Data Vietnam.

“Credentials” means an identification code and a password for each individual User provided by Trade Data Vietnam to access and use the Services.

“Infrastructure” means all software, technology, websites, platform and any updates or changes to the foregoing owned, licensed or utilized by Trade Data Vietnam in connection with the delivery and use of the Content. “Materials” means any information, report, analysis, design, specification, instruction, software, hardware or other material.

“Representative” of a party shall mean any employees, directors or officers of a party and/or its Affiliate, agent, advisors or subcontractors.

“Services” means the Content and the Infrastructure.

“Trademarks” means any trademarks, service marks, service or trade names, logos and other designations of Trade Data Vietnam, its Affiliates and/or licensors that are made available to Subscriber in connection with the Agreement.

“User” means an employee, contractor or agent authorized by Subscriber to access and use the Services in accordance with the Agreement.

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